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Wir tanzen elektrisch ganz hektisch

Wir wiegen uns kryptisch apokalyptisch

30 September 1978
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Darcy is from angelwolf24!

Feed my fire
Let me put some
dust on your face
Heat my wire
You make me feel ecstatic
Make me dance fanatic tonight

The Adult: I've my Masters in Egyptology and another in Museum Studies. I also have a BA in Classical Studies. I write fiction and occasionally draw my characters or fanart. I also do fanfic sometimes, but try to focus more on my own work. I enjoy horror fiction (preferably anthologies), fairy tales, mythology and comparative religion. I read a lot of young adult fiction, too, because that's the genre I write for. I love horror, action and fantasy movies. I also love to dance, but don't get to do it often.

The Child: One of my most defining characteristics is that I'm a doll collector. I'm huge on 80s nostalgia, being that I was the perfect age to enjoy all the good stuff then. I have most of my toys from childhood and I've built up a lot of those collections since. I also collect modern dolls from playline to the higher end (BJDs and such). I have a separate doll community/journal where I talk about those things, so I try to keep it there. I think I post more there than I do here though. Heh. So yeah, I'm big into dolls, toys, cartoons, comics, etc. My comic love is a blend of adult-oriented and all ages though.

I have an alternate journal for my doll-related stuff:
-veni_vidi_dolli where I post photo shoots and picfics. My older TWCT ones are there, too, as well as random doll ramblings.

I have a community for my icons, veni_vidi_iconi. Anyone can join and post there, but the icons must be a fandom we share.

I also have a community for my writing, pen_of_seshat, but you have to be a very trusted friend to be a member.

I also run (or help run) some communities:

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300, adrien brody, american girl, and one, anubis, archie, arrested development, battle beasts, battle royale, big bang theory, boondock saints, buffalo sabres, buffy, chipettes, christopher pike, comic books, covenant, crying freeman, dan brown, dancing, dark ivory, das ich, dawn, dear america, dinosaurs, disney fairies, dolls, egypt, egyptology, eisbrecher, eisleben, empire records, ever after high, fables, fairy tales, faith and the muse, family guy, firefly, friday the 13th: series, game of thrones, garth ennis, gaspard ulliel, get along gang, ghostwriter, hannibal king, hans matheson, harry potter, hellboy, historical fiction, hocico, horror anthologies, icon of coil, industrial, jem, joseph michael linsner, juno reactor, kabuki, karl urban, keram, keram malicki-sanchez, kevin smith, kill bill, kmfdm, legend, lilo and stitch, lord of the rings, masters of the universe, monster high, monsters, mulan, muppet babies, my little pony, mythology, nachtmahr, national treasure, norman reedus, paradise kiss, peach girl, pig, pingu, pirates of the caribbean, poppy z. brite, preacher, predator, punisher, puzzle place, rammstein, reading, richard matheson, rome, rose petal place, ryan reynolds, sailor moon, sekhmet, serenity, set, seth, sin city, sky high, sleepover friends, spaceballs, stanislav ianevski, stardust classics, stephen king, steve naghavi, strangers in paradise, stromkern, stuffed animals, synthpop, tales from the crypt, tattoos, terry moore, thundercats, tmnt, totally spies, true blood, w.i.t.c.h., watchmen, winx club, writing, x-men, x-men evolution, xena, y: the last man, zelfs, zita gorog